Why HuntingAccuracy.org?

As stated earlier, critical information is not being provided to the typical consumer interested in a hunting airgun.  While FPS (feet per second) is a relevant measurement of a product’s performance, it only tells a third of the story.

Right now you have students grading their own tests without any real oversight or consequence.  Manufacturers are able to post whatever they want on the side of the box without considering accuracy or impact energy.  Millions of guns fly off store shelves into the hands of consumers who make purchases based on unrealistic claims of performance and usability.  This leads to disappointment and a big black eye for the entire airgun sport, specifically with the promotion of “hunting” airguns.

OHAT LogoNow there is a better way.  HuntingAccuracy.org is an organization designed to bring truth to airgun performance and marketing claims.  It is essentially an independent agency that provides objective performance ratings based on proprietary testing methods.  When you see the OHAT symbol on the box, you know that this model has been independently verified by real shooters to perform exactly as promised.

Insist on seeing OHAT results before you buy your next hunting airgun.  You, as the consumer, can contact the various vendors (see their contact information listed on our site) and ask them submit their products for OHAT certification.  The more people that get on the phone and send emails, the sooner we’ll see real change; and that is a good thing for consumers, and a good thing for the sport.

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Official OHAT Sites:

Official site for the administration of OHAT certifications.


Official site for OHAT Testing and Licensing.