Purpose, Methodology, Results

While some of the details of our methodology will remain proprietary, the basic purpose, methodology and results are as follows:


Hunting Accuracy is by its very nature subjective.  It is subject to external conditions, ammo variances, manufacturing tolerances, the type of product and its given peculiarities, and most critically the limitations of the shooters themselves.

Our certification tests are designed to provide the average shooter clear guidance on a product’s “real world” hunting potential.  It allows for variances in all the above categories and yet delivers an accurate, measurable score that can be used to rate the effectiveness of a product.

Generally manufacturers test accuracy in completely unrealistic environments using mechanical testing equipment.  This does not accurately represent how the product will work in the field.  Our test, appropriately named, Objective Hunting Accuracy Test, adds the elements of “actual use” while maintaining a high level of repeatability.


Rather than test a single product, a statistically relevant random sampling of the same model are tested.  Furthermore, the products are not modified prior to testing.  They are tested as they come out of the box; with the bundled optics provided directly from the manufacturer.  If a product does not come with a bundled optic, a standardized optic it used for all products tested.

Recognizing that manufacturing defects do occur, all rifles are qualified at our main testing facility to be functional and that they meet the manufacturer’s basic performance and operation claims.  This prevents defective guns from being tested.  If a gun is found defective, the manufacturer is given the opportunity to correct the issue by providing a random replacement.

Once the model is qualified for testing, it is sent to one of our official testers to complete the break in period, perform any recommended maintenance, and then conduct the official OHAT test using official OHAT scoring targets.

The results of these tests are sent back to be certified and compiled to generate the official OHAT Scores.


Once the results are compiled, an OHAT Kill Percentage, Accuracy Score, and OHAT Hunting Class is assigned to the product.  This creates a known, measurable “score” that can be quickly and easily identified by the consumer, thus eliminating the current ambiguity in the market surrounding airgun hunting performance.

This mark ensures the customer that their purchase has been independently tested.


The use of the term OHAT regarding a product’s performance is only usable by permission and must be accompanied by a valid license agreement. 

The Terms OHAT as used with Objective Hunting Accuracy Test and the corresponding process to determine a product’s Hunting Accuracy score is the sole property of Richard D Eutsler, Jr.. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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