OHAT Scores

OHAT Scores

The Certified OHAT score is not based on a single test or shot group, but rather is a composite of shot groups conducted by independent testers.  The proprietary scoring system provides the following critical data.

  1. OHAT Kill Percentage – The OHAT Kill Percentage is a scale that measures a product’s ability to hit the kill zone at a given distance.   The size of the Kill zone is based on a 1” scale and adjusted for caliber.
  2. OHAT Accuracy Score – The OHAT Accuracy Score measures the general accuracy of a rifle at a given distance.  The accuracy test is also caliber specific.
  3. Muzzle Energy & Impact Energy – Both muzzle energy AND impact energy is measured.
  4. OHAT Hunting Class – Using the above results, an OHAT Hunting Class ranking is then assigned to the product.  For the first time ever, manufacturers’ off the shelf models can be objectively scored and classed into meaningful Hunting “Classes.”  Classes are assigned using the following parameters; take the maximum range at which an airgun can maintain a minimum 90% OHAT Kill Percentage, while still imparting a minimum of 8 foot pounds on the target.   For example, a “Class 4” airgun is an airgun that will hit the Kill Zone at least 90% of the time at 40 yards and still has a minimum of 8 foot pounds of energy on impact.

OHAT Hunting Class Certification

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