Gamo Varmint Hunter HP – Performance Overview

Gamo Varmint Hunter HP in .22 Caliber - OHAT Performance Overview
Date: 10/24/2012
Model: Gamo Varmint Hunter HP .22 Caliber
Stock / Modified Stock
*Max DB: 104.8 DB
**Pellets: Crosman Pointed Hunting Pellets
Pellet Weight: 14.3
Average Muzzle Velocity: 813.3
Average Muzzle Energy: 21.01
Number of shots: 5
Range: 10 Yards
Group CTC: .394″
Scope / Open Sights Scope – 4 x 32

Chrony Results:
01: 817.3
02: 811.6
03: 812.3
04: 814.5
05: 815.9
06: 808.0
07: 814.6
08: 813.0
09: 813.0
10: 812.9
ES: 9.3
SD: 2.5

This gun is very light and cocks easily relative to the power that it generates.  The reduced weight requires that the shooter be more skilled than with a heavier rifle.  Repeatable hold is critical for consistent accuracy.  Accuracy at 10 yards is good.

*Max DB is measured across multiple shots while indoors. The stated
DB is the loudest shot recorded by our equipment. Results are measured
using an industry standard DB meter and are for reference purposes only.
**Due to changes in manufacturing, we state that this is the best pellet
as of the date of testing. This is subject to change.
OHAT is an independent testing entity.
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