Browning Leverage .22 caliber – Performance Overview

Browning Leverage .22 Caliber - Performance Overview
Date: 10/27/2012
Model: Browning Leverage .22 Caliber
Stock / Modified Stock
*Max DB: 100.4 DB
**Pellets: JSB Exact Jumbo Express
Pellet Weight: 14.3
Average Muzzle Velocity: 687
Average Muzzle Energy: 14.99
Number of shots: 5
Range: 10 Yards
Group CTC: .28″
Scope / Open Sights Factory Scope – 3-9x40AO @ 9x

Chrony Results:
01: 688.4
02: 691.8
03: 688.9
04: 688.3
05: 686.3
06: 684.2
07: 684.1
08: 682.8
09: 685.3
10: 690.2
ES: 9
SD: 2.9

The Browning Leverage may be one of the best kept secrets in airguns under $200.  This package hits the mark on virtually every level.  It is very easy to shoot, has a decent trigger, is extremely accurate, and is bundled with a very good optic.There were a few very minor issues:

  1. The gun requires an extended break in period.  It is very “crunchy” out of the box but that smooths out after about 250 shots. Expect a lot of smoke as well.  This also goes away with use.
  2. The gun ships with “front and rear” mounts with the rear mount having a bit of a rubber shim to proactively deal with some minor barrel droop.  Unfortunately the rubber does not hold up under pressure and the rear mount needs a more permanent solution.  Here is a video on how to build a shim that will not compress: I installed one of these and it eliminated the problem.

*Max DB is measured across multiple shots while indoors. The stated
DB is the loudest shot recorded by our equipment. Results are measured
using an industry standard DB meter and are for reference purposes only.
**Due to changes in manufacturing, we state that this is the best pellet
as of the date of testing. This is subject to change.
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