What is OHAT?

OHAT, which stands for Objective Hunting Accuracy Test, was created by Rick Eutsler, Jr. of AirgunWeb.com.   With years of experience helping customers choose the right airgun, he noticed that the most vital information was not being reported; i.e. Hunting Accuracy at various ranges, and most importantly, energy on target.

Consumers want more information on which to base their purchasing decisions.  That is why OHAT was created.  OHAT measures more than just FPS.  It scores and classifies a product based on a series of shooting tests, measuring Hunting Accuracy as well as general accuracy, and muzzle energy as well as impact energy.

One of the most exciting results of this testing is the ability to assign an objective Hunting Class to products.  This Hunting Class is determined using the following:

Hunting Class = Accuracy + Energy + Range

OHAT Hunting Class Certification

This mark would appear somewhere on the box of a certified product.

OHAT Hunting Class Certification

This would appear on the back of the box of a certified product.

To learn more about the OHAT Rating and what is measured, please visit the OHAT Scores page.

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Official OHAT Sites:

Official site for the administration of OHAT certifications.


Official site for OHAT Testing and Licensing.